Poetry in the UK…

I’m in That London. Yesterday’s meeting with William Sieghart, hugely-important-yet-charming founder of National Poetry Day, fell through for the very good reason that he’s changing the world in Gaza with his charity Forward Thinking. Other meetings were about raising money for National Poetry Day so that we can keep spreading the word about poetry, and removing all the barriers to enjoying it. Spent the evening with friends Jonnie and Victoria, and their unfeasibly charming little girl Tilly (aged one) who is teething and in lots of pain. She broke our hearts by appearing with a puffy face, hopefully bearing the medicine bottle and a little spoon…. J & V are having a big hole dug underneath their house by some Polish people, in which they are going to put lots more rooms (and me, apparently, when I come to stay).

To Derby this afternoon for the launch of our new book Lifemarks, whose proceeds will go entirely to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Friend Arthur was diagnosed in the summer, and will be with us to read his poems and introduce the book. Three other events this week in Staffordshire, London and Cheshire will sell as many copies as we can before Christmas. Also I’ll be meeting with a woman at Derby Hospitals, in the hope that Hannah and I will be working on a poetry/art installation there for 2009. And finally…. I’ll be sending out the manuscript of my own poetry collection to ‘critical friends’ (aren’t all friends critical?) to garner useful comments from them so that I can tweak it before it goes to print in February.

Am tired and snotty today so will try to scintillate more in future….

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Poet, boater, archaeologist and former director of the UK's National Poetry Day. One third of @OnThisDayShe. Erstwhile UK Canal Laureate.

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  1. Good to read about your busy life, packed with poetry! What could be better? Hope to hear you again soon, probably when Harry returns from SA.

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