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"She lives the poetry she cannot write" – Wilde

The final curtain…

….was a sort of floral affair as it happens. Bunch of Fives stood in front of it to deliver our final performance at Preston Brook on Friday night. On Tuesday, at Keele University, we had an audience of 97! So many of our audience members have said the magic words we most wanted to hear… ‘I’ve never been to anything like this before, but I’ll definitely come again.’ We’ve delivered live poetry to about 700 people across the NW and Midlands, and there is more to come in Spring 09. Watch this space.

It’s been a week of plotting and planning – more meetings in London with the National Poetry Day team, and a meeting with fellow former Cheshire Laureate John Lindley to discuss a project of his which could result in a little book. Best of all, a meeting with Adam Evanson, the brilliant chef from Allseasons cafe in Macc. We are putting together a St George’s Day event to celebrate English food, and it really sounds like a good one thanks to a rather brilliant menu from him and an appetising selection of readings from me. Look at my What’s On page to see more. We will only have 30 places and we reckon we’ve already sold 8 without advertising, so book soon if you want to come!

The cover of my book, Navigation, has been finalised. My lovely friend and graphic designer Ian of Fox Graphic Design did it for me and I am exceedingly chuffed. The poems are on their way to being printed, and it is all on course for a launch (insert pun here) at Ellesmere Port Boat Museum on March 6th. Suddenly I feel nervous.

We celebrated Burns Night a day early at Macc marina, and consequently we had on Friday the hangovers that the rest of the nation saved till Saturday. It was like Night of the Living Dead here on Friday morning. Tonight it’s cheese and wine… I’m only going for the cheese you understand….



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