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Juggling Commitments

God bless the librarians of Macclesfield. For Sense and Sensuality, an evening of readings on the five senses, they turned the room into a frenzy of pink, with objects to touch, taste and smell all around. One unhappy audience member left at half time – but she had roundly declared ‘I hate poetry’ even before I opened my mouth, so she had perhaps not chosen the ideal event to attend.  

The Bunch of Fives survivors are planning a new show for Spring 09. Over a fab meal at the Crown Inn in Goostrey, we threw ideas around; very fitting since the front-running concept may involve juggling, knife throwing, and a couple of elephants. Let’s see if we can get that past the Arts Council – ‘two elephants and reinforced trailer’…. So when friend Clare and expert-juggler-boyfriend Bym dropped by, we did some preliminary juggling work, using my childhood friend and teddy, Little Ted as the jugglee. He looks a bit unnerved but it will all be worthwhile. 

Work goes on for National Poetry Day. It’s not till October 9th, but no national campaign can be turned on like a light switch the day before it happens. We have venues to book, partners to work with, websites and projects to set up, a poet in residence to negotiate with, events to plan, an educational pack to commission and design, and marketing materials to prepare. The theme this year is Work – if you know any pieces by well-known poets on that theme, let me have’em! 

A meeting about the Macclesfield Cultural Festival may, to my great joy, result in me getting paid to go to the pub. Meanwhile I had a lovely evening at my brother’s place. The cunning blighter was born on 14th February and so is guaranteed a supply of cards in the post on Valentine’s Day. His smallest sprog, Lula, has overcome her shyness and now happily speaks to me – I’m known in their house as Aunty Boat. Which is odd because I’m very pro-boat. . .



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