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It’s my bilges, you know. They fill up something dreadful at this time of the year. I’m accumulating water under the bedroom floor, with no real idea why. Boats and water are a terrible mix. I’m trying not to lie awake at night wondering if I’ll sink before breakfast time. 

In daylight hours, I’ve been researching English food and customs for our feast at Allseasons on April 23rd (that’s St George’s Day, for the hard of thinking). The idea is to make you smack your lips at the cultures and flavours that make up modern England without the sour taste of nationalism, as it were. The soundtrack already includes Vaughan Williams, the Clash and some bhangra, and I’m digging out eclectic poems and prose.  

Work is filling up evenings and weekends at the moment; but the work/life balance is okay, since the work seems to have a lot of life in it. On Wednesday I saw Tilting the Mirror – Jean Sprackland, Greta Stoddart and Ray Robinson in a ‘lightly staged poetry performance’…. I went for pleasure, but also to craftily check out another live literature show. Bunch of Fives we are planning our next show so we want to see what others are doing. It’s a growing field and we’re all learning what’s possible, what’s professional and what really works. 

Little Ted and I are still practising juggling – and I’ve even found a local juggler to help me out! I went to see the Peat Bog Faeries the other night at Buxton Opera House and found myself sitting next to one Dave Jellybean (not his given name, I suspect) who is not only a juggler but also turns out to be a cousin of Adam Evanson, chef and co-conspirator on the By George! English feast.  Small world etc etc. 

Finally dear readers, my podcast is properly live and accessible here after a long time on the Cheshire County Council page. Sign up if you want a free monthly sample of poetry from me and others. Meanwhile I’d better go and run around the frozen lanes of Macclesfield – or I won’t fit into my Wonder Woman outfit for next week’s Superheroes of Slam.



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