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No longer spineless

Sorry about the missing blog last week – my computer was in hospital again. It developed Alzheimer’s Disease and kept forgetting where it had put things. It’s fine now,but a little message flashes up occasionally saying ‘what did I come in here for?’

Meanwhile, I have been delivered of a bouncing 65-page book – much better than a baby, as I can always pulp it if it doesn’t do well. At last I have a book with a proper spine to my name, and with my name on its spine. Navigation had two launches – at Ellesmere Port Boat Museum, and at Banks’ Mill, Derby. These were lovely evenings; pride from people who have supported me, gratitude from me, blubbing from my mum. Read it slowly, because it will take me years to write another one. It’s selling well – order it here (and only here) if you want one.

I’ve been in London on National Poetry Day business, at the fantastic Anderton Boat Lift to read a poem at an exhibition opening, and in Ledbury for meetings about this year’s Poetry Festival. Ledbury is the biggest poetry festival in the UK, and we have fantastic names on the bill for July. I stayed with Peter and Viv Arscott, whose door is constantly open to literary and creative types. Last time I stayed, I woke up to heavy breathing and movement in the room. Disappointingly, it turned out to be the family tortoise struggling under a discarded jumper. No tortoises this time, but a charming Lithuanian cellist in the kitchen.

Lots of readings coming up in March and April – have a look at What’s On to find out more. Meanwhile, commiserations to the current Cheshire Poet Laureate, W Terry Fox, who has had a car crash and has been in hospital for over a week. He is on the mend but still ‘running at half-throttle’ – all good wishes for his full recovery.


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  1. Gill the Tie-snipper
    March 25, 2008

    I went to hear Jo at Reading’s Poets’ Café on Friday 21 March absolutely DETERMINED not to buy her book but her reading was so totally enjoyable that I could not resist ‘Navigation’ and I’m so glad I didn’t because it’s FANTASTIC! Totally accessible although some poems need several readings and very appealing, like their writer. Thanks, Jo. Stay afloat.


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