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Middling expectations

I note that this blog has become very leisurely lately, when what you really want to know is how I am forging ahead in the cut-throat world of professional poetry. But then, my work is sometimes indistinguishable from fun (sorry…). Bitter & Twisted was a case in point: a new event at Porter’s in Macclesfield which saw me poeting vigorously with co-host Joy Winkler and guest artist Dominic Capanna, who did a fantastic music/ poetry/ beatbox set. Even the town drunkard was heard to say SHUT UP AND SHOW SOME FUCKING RESPECT as people talked at the bar. Result!

Dominic is of the American persuasion, so I thought I’d expose him to the wonders of the English summer at Bollington Floral Festival. You see him (and it) below. We didn’t have great expectations. But even so…. A single working boat, bedecked with flowers and a bubble machine; and not a sign of any others. Hey ho. Still, it’s the thought that counts and we thought it would be more impressive.

If it makes you feel better, there was some proper sitting-down-at-a-desk type work too. National Poetry Day now has a new poster for use in schools and libraries, great education plans for primary school children, and I am writing copy for the website. There was also lots of heads-down, brains-on work with Hannah Fox on our upcoming hospital project.

Speaking of work, for 18 muddy years I was an archaeologist. For a truthful and thought-provoking account of that profession, nip out and see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. It’s an almost exact portrait of my former lifestyle. As I recall there were fewer crystal skulls and more bacon butties – but on the plus side we had less interference from Soviet spies as we pootled around the fields of North Yorkshire looking for lime kilns. It’s not all glamour, you know….

I’m really looking forward to a day-long workshop at Ellesmere Port Boat Museum in July, just confirmed. Meanwhile my season of watery workshops continues at Linacre Reservoir today. The 08 ‘walkshops’ have been really popular and productive, and I’ve enjoyed them – anyone else want to book me?


One comment on “Middling expectations

  1. Dominic Capanna
    June 10, 2008

    I had a blast at the floral boat show…tho there was just so many it was hard to choose a favorite;)

    Thanks Jo Bell your awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    see you soon-
    Dominic Devin Capanna

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