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We Need to Talk About Kevin

The survivors of the Bunch of Fives poetry roadshow met this week about our next show, Fourpenny Circus. We’re now working out how to juggle poems, and saw a poem in half. John Lindley, fellow Fourpenny trouper, is ahead of the game with his new book about Randini (a Buxton-based Edwardian escapologist, as you know). See more about the book here.

The weekend was a lovely jumble of poetry and performance. Friday found me reading to the Manky Poets group in Chorlton – then in Derby, on the same bill (in small print) as the brilliantly funny John Hegley and Mark Gwynne Jones. On Sunday I was one of the little helpers tackling the European Strawberry Mountain (below) at Linda Chase’s famous poetry garden party. Here, all poets great and small grazed peacefully in the howling wind, eating samosas, buying books and chilling out. It’s a festival in miniature, with readings from Carol Ann Duffy, John Siddique and others.

The European Strawberry Mountain

Poet Fiona Robyn tells me she’s embarking on a blog tour. This month she’ll visit ‘literary, creative, buddhist, and long-time-friend blogs. Visits will involve a mixture of interviews, reviews, guest posts and who knows what else – look forward to seeing you there!’ This is a brilliant idea and and I may steal it. Pre-empt me by looking at her site and order Fiona’s lovely book, described as ‘365 bite-sized truffles of poetry’.

I’m doing poetic duets next weekend at the Banks’ Mill Open Studios with Kevin Wallace, the only man in the world whose business card says ‘performance poet and trained medical anthropologist’. His training didn’t include tact, for this is the man who said of the photo at the top of this blog: ‘You need to get a new photo…. This one makes you look so much less attractive…. And older…. And were you much fatter when this was taken?…. Who took this picture anyway?’ Thanks Kevin. Don’t turn your back during those readings.


One comment on “We Need to Talk About Kevin

  1. Hannah
    June 30, 2008

    Kevin is talking complete rubbish about the pic – you look gorgeous, slim and young! His blog pic isn’t too clever…

    However, you both performed brilliantly at Banks’ Mill and Big Blue.

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