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Drum roll, fanfare….

Green shoots of recovery...

Green shoots of financial awareness.....

This week, ladies and gentleman, I have FILED A TAX RETURN for the first time since 2005. I realise that for those of you with basic levels of numeracy this is no great achievement, but for me – and my dear friends who did all the work – it is a very big deal. I almost look forward (much more than they do) to finishing the outstanding ones. Yes, that’s a plural. Click here for a Wordle word-cloud based on my poem of thanks to them.

Or was he just pleased to see me?

Or was he just pleased to see me?

Unusually, this week I spent most nights in my own bed (that makes my life sound more exciting than it really is). There was oodles of work, and most of it pleasant: a brief for the National Trust to encourage art in its orchards, a Heroes-themed poem for Poetry on Loan, a presentation to Derby Hospital on our brilliant plan for art in their lobby, and (as we will every week now till May) rehearsing Fourpenny Circus. There were performances too – starting with a little reading at the open mike in Ronnie’s Bar, where musicians and poets live in harmony. You don’t see a didgeridoo in Macclesfield every day. Fellow trouper Joy Winkler read with John Siddique and others in Manchester, and I joined the lovely Time Travel Opportunists for a performance in Derby. Here in support were Hannah, Heather and both Patient Husbands all in one room together – and at last, dear readers, I can show you both Patient Husbands in all their glory! Here they are, revelling in the pleasures of a live poetry reading….

Another sonnet? Oh goody...

Another sonnet? Oh goody...

Planning a second workshop for Pickford House Museum is tricky. The first one used silk objects from the museum collection; the second one uses the ceramic collection, which is less glamorous with its teapots and spindle whorls (look it up, non-archaeologists). But this lot can handle it – we will make silk purses out of pot sherds.


Tilly's latest artwork

Attentive readers will remember my request to friends not to have any more babies. I regret to say that three (or rather six) people have ignored this straightforward request. Jonnie and Victoria, who already have a perfectly satisfactory toddler in the magnificent Tilly, are manufacturing Tilly Mk II. Two couples I know in Gloucestershire are also adding to the population. People have no consideration…. However, the little blighters are welcome. Hal, our youngest board member, was a charming addition to our Living Derby meeting this week, even after he bit my nose.

Hal, our most articulate member

Hal, our most articulate member



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