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Messing about with boaters

For once my week followed the orthodox pattern – lots of work at the beginning, lots of fun at the end. I had the usual stint of working on National Poetry Day, a couple of days in Derby for meetings about Living Derby – and a good quiet session of writing in my studio.

My first poetry workshop in Macclesfield went well, with an interesting mix of people from PhDs to poetry virgins. john-siddique-at-signing3At the launch of John Siddique’s book Recital, I steeled myself to persuade him of the need to do a touring show with me in Spring 2010. He required no persuasion at all: so now we just have to see if we can find funding…..

The dedicated poet laughs in the face of Bank Holiday weekends and religious festivals, so on a very rainy Good Friday I headed to Birmingham to meet mentee Charlie Jordan. Charlie remains generously receptive to my endless suggestions for new reading material and new subjects or angles to tackle her writing from. She even graciously accepted my diagnosis that she is a ‘rhyme whore,’ for which a lesser woman might have punched me.

Saturday was the birthday of genius painter friend Heather Duncan, so there was curry and merriment. The glorious sunny Bank Holiday was spent in the bosom of the Macclesfield boating community. Friend John Wood invited me to join his family on a short boat trip. He generously allowed me to steer for a while and all the hairs on the back of my neck stood up…. Spring is here, said a little voice, and it is time for you to move your arse. There were brand new ducklings about, and lots of nesting ducks and geese.

Just bite-sized....

Just bite-sized....

 Roll on May, come rain or shine, as I will be starting on my epic journey. Tinker and I will be moving very slowly around the circuit of canals known as the Four Counties Ring.


Our resident duckling, and friends



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