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Playing the Christmas card

Fat but festive

Yes, it IS cold in the winter so stop asking us. On Saturday I woke to the strange stillness that tells you the canal is frozen. The world becomes very slippery. We listen out for penguin song at dawn. We lie awake at night, fearing the sound of polar bears padding towards us.

The Macclesfield Canal on Friday

It’s been a damn Christmassy week, as you’ll see. It started with a fruitless drive around Derbyshire to various events which weren’t on. Already knackered after Curly Jane’s birthday (left), I went on to Leek to see a band called Vavoom in the Cock Inn. They  were excellent – I am converted to rockabilly (but not to psychobilly, which makes you look like the man at the top of the page).

Lisa Dyfy and granny

Then it was a whole lot of driving. To Ledbury for a meeting of the Poetry Festival board, and to gurgle at  new board member Lisa Dyfy. To Cheltenham for meetings with a National Trust visionary about a project next year (apples, poetry); and with the startlingly energetic Anna Saunders who runs poetry events there. To Congleton for a Fourpenny Circus reunion and debrief in the Beartown Tap…

Meetings in pubs: interesting people pass by

…then to Derby for meetings about the Illuminate festival, celebrating Florence Nightingale. From Derby to Manchester to pick up the sofa kindly donated for my office by the brilliant Tony Walsh – a fine poet and a very nice man indeed. Go and see him perform, it will exercise your brain and heart in equal measure.

Penguins just out of shot...

Aching for Dick (no, don’t Google that, you’ll be startled) is coming along. Or rather it isn’t, but I am suddenly being asked for bits of work to do with laying the ground for my legendary 20-minute play. Eventually, of course, there will

be no getting away from the need to actually write the thing.

I did ALL my Christmas shopping on Saturday in one fell and adrenaline-driven swoop. It wasn’t that bad… Meanwhile, the  innocent little  Hundred Days project continues and the man who is making something out of Lego every day is steaming ahead. But the Lego man has unaccountably not made models of flu-ridden boaters – he’s playing the Christmas card….

Flat but festive


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  1. Derek
    December 21, 2009

    I ingnored your advice and googled Aching for Dick, & was shocked to see Jo Bell came second on Google behind someone called Shaka Blue.
    But found the sponsed link about genital herpes symptoms most instructive.
    PS don’t mention Rockabilly next time you are at our’s, only I am liable to jump at the chance of playing all my old vinyl & 78’s! Gene Summers rules OK!

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