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Alright winter, you’ve made your point

Happy New Year. My resolution is never to drink again (again) – unoriginal but necessary, after a New Year’s Eve party chez Curly Jane. I don’t think anyone did this to me (above) but they might have. The heroic Smily Man rose from his sickbed for the occasion, and I retired to mine immediately after it. He did a passable Florence Nightingale impression the next day – though I don’t think she offered her patients a glass of port every five minutes, with a knowing grin. It wasn’t just me – friend Ivan was similarly suffering after Xmas excesses…

Ivan. Rock star by day, tea cosy by night

WordPress turns off my techno-snow this week, so my blog will no longer be snowbound – ironic, since my real world is completely immobilised by it. Smily Man and I were marooned in our separate boats, and I had to leave my car at Halfords and walk home.

Snow. Obviously

I battled through the blizzard to the new office with a space heater under one arm, to slap some paint on the walls and make it more presentable.  It’s nearly fit for use now, unlike my feet which are covered in chilblains. Ouch.

There were bits of work in between visits and gatherings: a bit of preliminary dialogue on Aching for Dick (DO NOT START WRITING THE PLAY says director Kevin, but it’s hard not to) and planning for readings in January. I had a sudden spate of impatience with progress on our funding for Illuminate, a festival in Derby this summer, and did a day-long stint on our funding bids until my eyes glazed over; and have started to plan out yet another funding bid, for a canal writing adventure in summer.

The boaters of Macclesfield are starting to appear again after ten days of drinking themselves senseless below decks, and most are back to work at full speed from Monday. Our feudal landlord Kev has been delivering coal despite the blizzard – no doubt warmed by the thought of all the money we are spending on fuel and electricity as we batten down the hatches – and the nights are drawing out. Every day is two minutes longer – and I know, I’m counting.

Kev as flowerpot man

Kevlar as flowerpot man

My real resolutions for 2010 are: to keep writing for 15 minutes per day (sounds like a little, but achieves a lot). To procrastinate less (starting soon). To NOT get a speeding ticket in 2010 (ho ho). Oh, and here’s the one you can help me with.  I want to go to twelve different celebrations, one each month – festivals, birthday parties, parades etc. January is Burns Night, somewhere. What for February?

2 comments on “Alright winter, you’ve made your point

  1. Angi
    January 3, 2010

    “Every day is two minutes longer – and I know, I’m counting.” Nope, they’re still twenty four hours by my clock…..

  2. Jane Munro
    January 3, 2010

    February celebration? Easy, The Macclesfield Barnaby Festival Launch party! Date tbc.

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