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"She lives the poetry she cannot write" – Wilde

Hi ho, hi ho, I’ve had enough now

Chieftain o' the pudden race

Right then. Whose bright idea was it to send me to Glasgow on Monday night, and then to London for a midday meeting the following day? Really? Oh. So I have only myself to blame for that very early start – and there was another timetable cock-up yet to come.

Feel the weight of that

The Glasgow journey was worth it. Robin Cairns, comic poetry genius and thoroughly nice bloke (left), had prepared a proper Burns Night welcome for me at his regular open mike event, Last Monday. Unsure of what to read, I followed my general rule – if in doubt, stick to filth. It went down well.

In That London, I met NT people about a short film/ poem, then settled into my home from home, the Wellcome Institute. Last week’s discovery, Write or Die, came into its own – I set it to ‘kamikaze’ mode and got my head down.

Wednesday passed in a haze of sleepiness and inefficient

This one likes me...

working, nominally on a foreword for the National Trust’s very attractive forthcoming book of landscape poetry. Then in a further triumph of half-assed scheduling, it was back to London to meet Graham Henderson of Poet in the City, with whom I am concocting a very exciting project. More importantly I delivered belated Christmas presents to my special friend Wee Tilly, and her very unimpressed little sister Iggy.

....this one doesn't

On Friday I was desperate to get some work done on Aching for Dick but got swamped by other stuff. On Saturday, it was back to Birmingham where I have lately spent so much time, for the first of our Writing Squads. This project provides writing coaches (me, Leila Rasheed and David Calcutt, below) for children up to 16. I don’t normally work with kids but it was a great day with very creative young people.

David Calcutt inspires young writers

Somewhere along the line a little web page was born, for the new show Jenn Ashworth and I are doing in spring. It’s a simple affair, just a selection of readings from her brilliant short stories and my… er… filthy poetry. At last, dear reader, I can reveal that it’s called Too Much Information. We have three dates and hope to collect more on the way.

Too Much Information!

I ventured into the local on Saturday night with the maps for the Coast to Coast walk, which Smily Man has suggested would be a jolly good wheeze for the summer. Turns out the man next to me had walked it three times! I now have a lot of information about pubs and campsites to enjoy. Nothing is wasted, as we writerly types say….



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