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Motherhood and Robin Hood

Fab spoken word - FREE on March 25th

My former mentee (left) casts me aside like a sloughed snakeskin on March 25th. Charlie Jordan’s showcase performance at the Library Theatre, Birmingham will include poems of football, cake and shagging. You won’t often get free entry to a line-up including Charlie, Byron Vincent, Matt Man Windle and… er… me. Have a look here for more information.

To the still-leafless woodland of Sherwood Forest on Wednesday, for a Natural England conference with me as poet in residence. Robin Hood made an appearance (no, really); overcome, I headed home for work on other projects.

Action Transport Theatre: the team

On Friday night, Joy Winkler and did a reading in Chester on the theme of mothers and daughters: we call it Never Throw Stones at Your Mother. On Saturday, more motherhood at Action Transport Theatre where I saw My Mother Told Me Not to Stare, joined a workshop with director Nina Hajiyianni and had a brief editorial meeting with Kevin Dyer, Associate Writer at ATT. We’ve been exchanging mammoth emails on the subject of Aching for Dick, and it seems that the next draft will be much changed from the last. We shall see….

You get the idea...

This new-look blog  has changing links to pages you might like, and I’m setting a theme or exercise each week to write about. Thanks so much to all of you who got this going with poems about your mothers last week – all women, is that mere coincidence or do men write about fathers and women about mothers?

This week someone else has done the work for me. I’m sending you to have a look at  this site and this one too – your mission is to write a newspaper poem. The concept is self-explanatory (and pleasingly quick) but you might like to look first at the wonderful ongoing work of art which is A Humument to see where it started from. So your mission is this: buy a newspaper and a marker pen, have a bash at a newspaper poem and post it here in Comments, for all to see – before Sunday 21st! If technology allows, you could even post a picture of it – or send it to me on my Facebook page (I’m the Jo Bell who looks like a cartoon pirate).


4 comments on “Motherhood and Robin Hood

  1. Peter Wyton
    March 14, 2010

    I thought you were having a day off.

    • Jo Bell
      March 15, 2010

      I really was! So wrote the blog a day early and it was published by witchcraft on Sunday. Clever isn’t it? Now where is your newspaper poem eh?

  2. Rachel Fox
    March 15, 2010

    I have a poem about newspapers…and no energy this week!

  3. Heather Wastie
    March 20, 2010

    Hi Jo

    I’ve just created a humument over breakfast. Or did I have humument FOR breakfast? Anyway, I can’t see any way of uploading it here so I’ll try Facebook.


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