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One day honey, one day onions

….as the Arabs apparently have it. Over on Somethingeveryday, where I am guest writer throughout February, my poem for yesterday was about bees. Today, we are all sting and no sweetness. After all, according to one reviewer I’m “Waspish, wry and laconic” so why not? For a more philosophical take on the wounded heart, have a look at this video from the NW”s own Shamshad Khan.

Commitment issues

Thank you, but I’d rather not
get married, wear the dress
and have the conversation about farting, 
cleaning, and how sexism is not just about equal pay.

Thank you, but I’d rather not
abandon my own name, cast offspring out like anchors,
have that conversation about childcare and how
it just makes more sense for me to work from home.

Thank you, but I’d rather not 
wait for someone else to put up shelves,
have that conversation about the washing machine
which still defeats you though combustion engines don’t.

Thank you, but I’d rather come home
to an empty space, a bed that’s all my own,
and have no conversation in a patchwork silence full of light;
or go out suddenly with friends. No note, no promises, no wasted time.

Thank you, but I’d rather coil my ropes and float into a summer 
of small pleasures than hitch up to a life of brown paper, 
colour supplements and unsaid truths; better to chart an unknown river
than to settle like a sediment in wine not drunk.

Somethingeveryday is having the odd technical difficulty, so my daily posts over there will be duplicated over here. I hope you’ll follow that project through the many fine writers who will follow me – but at least in February you’ll have a new poem from me every day. Which doesn’t, of course, mean that they will be any good : )


2 comments on “One day honey, one day onions

  1. Heather Wastie
    February 18, 2011

    Love the poem, Jo x

  2. Gary Longden
    February 18, 2011

    Waspish,wry, laconic………………:)

    Whenever I read your poems I am reminded that I should practise .

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