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Find love today. Oh yeah?

Nowhere near finished, but a beginning of something I’ve wanted to write about for a long time. All too true, I’m afraid. Here are some entirely credible examples. Never again….

Internet dating

All the men are balding.
Each one picks a name to illustrate
that this is all a joke because hey,
he could find a woman in the real world any day.
Baz, SexG, CrazyGed,
StokeBoy, MaccLad, Fitbod.

His photo shows him drunk
and sunburnt in a Turkish bar
ten years ago; or in a rugged hood,
a ski suit; in a paraglider harness. Or
he’s standing by a car or motorbike,
his hand flat on its polished flank
his eyes elsewhere.

These are the good ones. Others,
laying bare the only time they bothered,
post a dinner jacket photo
amputated at the shoulder
where their left arm curls around
somebody out of shot. There is
a sliver of white satin at the edge.

You ask yourself –
who took these images?
Who stood behind the camera,
and what became of all the men
who aimed their lens at me –
or of the man I took a picture of
ten years ago, that Izmir night?


2 comments on “Find love today. Oh yeah?

  1. Bohdan
    April 9, 2011

    Oo, I like the premise for this one. Were you thinking of making it longer? Seems like it could easily be made into an epic poem. Or a sequence.

    Incidentally, there is one thing for which itnernet dating services are great: providing large sample sizes for sociological research. I read this a while ago and found it fascinating:

    • Jo Bell
      April 9, 2011

      I was indeed thinking of making it longer – glad you like the idea. And God knows I have the raw material 🙂

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