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Welcome, NaPoWriMo followers – if that is where you lovely new visitors are coming from.  I’ve been so busy in the first days of April that my previous posts have been very scant. Bear with me – next week I’m on a writing course, so things may pick up.

If you don’t know what a narrowboat is – it’s an English canal boat and I live on one. Click here to see a baby one – though mine (below) is almost fully grown at 67ft. The slope of the side walls is called the ‘tumblehome’ which was nearly the title of this poem, till I realised that no-one could make sense of that. So – a narrow poem for a narrowboat.

How to live on a boat

Walk slowly,
and quite often
There is
no room
for books
or vases;
redundant shoes.

the span of
a tall man’s arms
live lively as
a woman’s hands.
Be mindful of
a need
best met
by moving on;
and always

Home sweet home, wherever it is



2 comments on “Tumblehome

  1. Jingle
    April 10, 2011

    living on a boat could be romantic.

    stunning imagery.
    love your piece.

  2. Heather Wastie
    April 11, 2011

    Really like this, Jo 🙂

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