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Watery thoughts

We worked so hard... it was hell

Today’s Napowrimo effort – very raw and unpolished indeed – came out of yesterday’s workshop at the Garden Cafe in Lydbrook, where a bunch of lovely poets sat in the sun drinking wine and poeting a bit. Here’s what I did; I’ve had no time at all to edit. The Shand is a man-made lake near where I grew up; it is a former mining/quarrying site.

Although it’s a meagre tribute, I dedicate this to the poetry activist Linda Chase, who did make light of illness and who passed away on Friday.

The Shand

If silver really heals, we served you well;
smoothing out the scabs
and pouring water in,
as deep as Doomsday;
cooling that great cavity
where Derbyshire’s long bones showed through –
and you, a broken mirror,
a patient making light of sickness,
bearing up the boats as if
it didn’t matter.



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