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Arvon calling

Writerly chums at The Hurst

Just a quickie. I’m on the water at present taking part in Three Jos in a Boat: but until Saturday I was in Shropshire at the Hurst, on an Arvon course with lovely people including tutors Patience Agbabi and Michael Laskey. Here’s a piece for all of them, based on an exercise to write about a favourite word.


A word made scant
by frequent use.

I like it for its urgency and spit;
for its necessity. I like it
for its oldness, for
its slingshot certainty:
its worth in the marketplace.

I like it for its plainness;
for belonging to the tongue
behind my teeth.
I like it for its fighting talk.

As simple as a spindle-whorl
and fit for use:
something I can recognise,
something that recognises me.

One comment on “Arvon calling

  1. lucychili
    April 28, 2011

    i like the word that
    recognises you =)

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