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And now for the Atlantic….

Not content to take Tinker up the Bristol Channel last summer (as it were), I have now crossed the Atlantic. This time it was done by witchcraft and technology, and at the kind invitation of poet Robert Peake – American by birth, English by residency and soon to be published by Nine Arches Press.

Robert asked me to take part in his Transatlantic Readings sessions, reading and discussing online with American poet and photographer Randi Ward. Here’s the resulting hour-long programme, with my reading right at the beginning. Later there’s a discussion of nomadic poetry life, flint knapping and how to make an 80-stanza epic into a haiku. Sort of. Enjoy, and follow the series on Google+ to see the next interview.

(The video will start at the end of the interview. Pull the timer back to the beginning to get the benefit of my technological incompetence and my actual poetry).


2 comments on “And now for the Atlantic….

  1. Russ Berry
    March 31, 2014

    Hi Jo – just wanted to say a big thanks on behalf of the Riley Square writers group for visiting and inspiring us at Bell Green Library in the Coventry hinterlands last Tuesday. It was lovely to meet you…. Cheers!

    • Jo Bell
      April 7, 2014

      It was a great pleasure Russ – thanks for having me!

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