A Writer’s Advent – Day 30

Sarah Jasmon – channeling Nike at the gym

Our penultimate writer’s tip is from novelist, lecturer, boat dweller, weight lifter and (clearly) capable role-juggler, Sarah Jasmon. I don’t know anyone who makes better use of their time to squeeze in writing, work, personal stuff and other components of a life well lived.

Sarah’s most recent novel, You Never Told Me, can be found here. Poets think of 45 lines as a long piece of work, so I’m astonished by how novelists can hold plot, narrative and character in their minds and work doggedly towards a finished piece of 90,000 words. Sarah’s short video gives us an insight into how it’s done – and as she speaks quietly into the camera in a gym changing room, she makes her point clearly. Carpe diem, writers. And don’t go out in the cold with wet hair.

Just do it, eh? It’s a great thought to carry with us into the new year. Find Sarah on Twitter and Instagram, or on a towpath somewhere in the north of England.

It’s been a joy to share the words and ideas of my favourite writers here in the past month. There have been gems, surprises, giggles and moments of recognition, plus a lot of really good nuts-and-bolts advice. I hope you’ve enjoyed them all. They will remain here for you to watch again whenever you like. The final entry in A Writer’s Advent will be from me tomorrow, closing down 2022 and looking forward to 2023; when I hope you’ll join me at The Poetic Licence, my new subscription for those who want a monthly prompt and poem.

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