A Writer’s Advent – Day 31

On being unpleasant – and a new project for 2023

It’s the last entry in A Writer’s Advent, and it comes with deep thanks to all of the poets, novelists, dramatists and others who have given us so much good advice throughout December. Here’s the last tip, from me, with a plug for my new project. I do hope you’ll support it, because it will allow me to do more things like this. More on that below.

I’ve been building online poetry communities for a long time. Now, in 2023, I want to build something large, lively and enduring. This time I’m using Patreon, a simple subscriber service. I want it to be very low cost at your end, so that anyone can join. For £3 per month (which you can cancel any time), you get content delivered to your inbox every month.

The Poetic Licence (sorry, US friends, for the English-English spelling) will give you a monthly poetry prompt full of ideas, poems and suggestions, like the ones you may have seen in 52 or Try to Praise the Mutilated World. There will be giveaways, competitions, video tips… The more subscribers, the more I’ll be able to offer. I hope that we’ll soon be adding a closed feedback group, and online workshops for subscribers. The Poetic Licence will be the spine and heart of my practice in 2023 and beyond. Join me if you can; and whatever the new year brings, I hope it brings good things for you and your writing.

Published by Jo Bell

Poet, boater, archaeologist. Former director of the UK's National Poetry Day. One half of @OnThisDayShe. Erstwhile UK Canal Laureate, Cheshire Laureate. Host of The Poetic Licence on YouTube and Patreon (see links).

9 thoughts on “A Writer’s Advent – Day 31

  1. Thank you for your advent blog, I’ve got to catch up with most of it but it’s always a good read. The NY picture with #31 is lovely and sums up so many feelings and wishes. (I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve shared it a few times!) A happy new year to you and yours xx

  2. Hi Jo, Just wanted to thank you for the inspiring 31 Days of ‘A Writer’s Advent’. The tips were useful and great to hear from and learn about a range of different writers. I also recently purchased a copy of your book “How to be a poet”. Thank you for your commitment to helping others develop themselves as writers. Great to learn about your new Patreon site. All the best in 2023. Roy Perth, Western Australia

  3. Thanks for doing this, Jo. And thanks to all the writers who shared their tips. For various reasons I haven’t felt able to devote much time to being a poet recently. This sequence of videos has give me several nudges to help me get my mojo back in 2023. Happy New Year x

    1. Sorry, how exasperating! Someone else had the same trouble and said the button was right at the bottom, if that helps at all. Thank you for your patience.

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