Poetry sales and shiny boats

A busy week flogging new book Lifemarks, a fundraiser for the MND Association. The Derby launch on Tuesday went brilliantly, with about 20 people including co-editor and MND sufferer Arthur Gardner. Wednesday found me in icy Staffordshire, guest-hosting the Biddulph Literary Society with star storyteller Xanthe Gresham doing Gawain, and I shifted another handful ofContinue reading “Poetry sales and shiny boats”

Poetry in the UK…

I’m in That London. Yesterday’s meeting with William Sieghart, hugely-important-yet-charming founder of National Poetry Day, fell through for the very good reason that he’s changing the world in Gaza with his charity Forward Thinking. Other meetings were about raising money for National Poetry Day so that we can keep spreading the word about poetry, and removing all the barriers toContinue reading “Poetry in the UK…”