Home is where they understand you

The great thing about friends, friends, is that you can acquire new ones without diminishing the value of the existing ones. Last week I made a brief foray from the bosom of my old, familiar writing community in the north, to the bosom of what I hope will be a new writing community in theContinue reading “Home is where they understand you”

It is not enough to succeed: a friend must fail

Yes, alright, this is another cheat. I am easing myself into NaPoWriMo with a recent poem, not written specifically for the challenge but (in my defence) finished only last week – and like yesterday’s piece, destined to appear in our Riverlands show later this month. A gongoozler, if you can’t tell, is what boaters callContinue reading “It is not enough to succeed: a friend must fail”

From sea to shining sea

Either I was nice to someone in a previous life, or I’m due a spell of bloody awful luck soon. Last week, I was paddling in the North Sea during the StAnza festival – this week my toes dipped into  the Irish Channel on a beach in Anglesey. Poetic chum Ann Atkinson and other creative types wereContinue reading “From sea to shining sea”