Trying to master the thing

My new blog 52 and the Facebook group that sits alongside it are taking up a huge amount of my time, and I rejoice in it. The idea behind 52 is a simple one – write a poem a week, make it a good one and share work in progress with a huge group ofContinue reading “Trying to master the thing”


NaPoWriMo. And whelks.

Those bally American chaps have some good poetry initiatives. One is Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 18th. I’ve set up a Facebook page to encourage people in the UK to carry a favourite poem and share it on the day. The better-known initiative, however, is National Poetry Writing Month or NaPoWriMo – now an internationalContinue reading “NaPoWriMo. And whelks.”

Home is where they understand you

The great thing about friends, friends, is that you can acquire new ones without diminishing the value of the existing ones. Last week I made a brief foray from the bosom of my old, familiar writing community in the north, to the bosom of what I hope will be a new writing community in theContinue reading “Home is where they understand you”

Joie de vivre

When I am prime minister, dear reader, every funeral will have dancing. Thanks to her brilliant and brave daughters, friend Ann (always the life and soul of the party) got a send-off that was worthy of her own generosity, her joie de vivre and her wicked sense of humour. It became an afternoon of poetry, music,Continue reading “Joie de vivre”

Did I mention…

….that my book has been reprinted? Oh I did? I really am very pleased with it*. So, I hope are the lovely people who bought it last night, after my reading at the Bluecoat in Liverpool with Adam Horovitz. Thanks to Gladys Mary Cole of Headland for her fulsome and blush-making introduction, and to AlexContinue reading “Did I mention…”

Making an exhibition of myself

Today’s NaPoWriMo effort is posted in haste as I’m off to pick up the reprint of my book. I’m on the road after that for a few days, so those of you who’ve ordered a copy will find it in the post next week. If you haven’t ordered a copy and you’d like to, it’sContinue reading “Making an exhibition of myself”

And she’s off!

Dear reader, I wouldn’t want you to think I was slacking. However, I am off to Barcelona tomorrow and if I have the time or opportunity to post on my blog, well I won’t be having much of a holiday. I will be writing while I’m away, in a final tweak of Riverlands poems – soContinue reading “And she’s off!”

Full steam ahead

Ahoy there – and apologies if you were fond of my old website, with its eye- watering pink  background and a little whizzy thing at the top. I’ve changed to this cleaner, brighter look and will post new material, links and recordings in coming weeks. In the tabs above you’ll see a new What’s OnContinue reading “Full steam ahead”

We Need to Talk About Kevin

The survivors of the Bunch of Fives poetry roadshow met this week about our next show, Fourpenny Circus. We’re now working out how to juggle poems, and saw a poem in half. John Lindley, fellow Fourpenny trouper, is ahead of the game with his new book about Randini (a Buxton-based Edwardian escapologist, as you know).Continue reading “We Need to Talk About Kevin”