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"She lives the poetry she cannot write" – Wilde

The currency of kindness: working for Nationwide

Sometimes when you’re commissioned to write a poem, it’s a mixed blessing. Poetry isn’t copywriting; if you can’t believe in the thing you’re writing about, it will sound fake. In poetry … Continue reading

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NaPoReMo #29: Here and now

  This Maitreyabandhu There’s no law against my listening to this thrush behind the barn, the song so loud it echoes like a bell, then it’s further off beyond the … Continue reading

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NaPoReMo #28: Still waters run deep

Pulse James McGonigal Smooth slope of a hill and fornication undoubtedly taking place in its lee. Ash trees shivered in a wind that still had the delicious flick of frost … Continue reading

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NaPoReMo #27: The Truth About God

  God’s Justice Anne Carson In the beginning there were days set aside for various tasks. On the day He was to create justice God got involved in making a … Continue reading

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NaPoReMo #26: Barfly

tonight Charles Bukowski “your poems about the girls will still be around 50 years from now when the girls are gone,” my editor phones me. dear editor: the girls appear … Continue reading

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NaPoReMo #25: A library for Everyman

  Why We Need Libraries Ian McMillan It is the mid-sixties, and it does not matter which year exactly; it may have been the year Mrs White threw water on … Continue reading

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NaPoReMo #24: A Warning

  Warning Malika Booker 1 Some great-grandmother told her daughter, Never let no man hit you and sleep, pepper the food, boil hot water and throw, use knife and make … Continue reading

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NaPoReMo #23: The architecture of pleasure

  Rhetorical Questions Hugo Williams How do you think I feel when you make me talk to you and won’t let me stop till the words turn into a moan? … Continue reading

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